Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pictorial 1950 - My Recovery Holiday,

My memory is a bit hazy about this trip!; I am thinking we would have taken the ferry to Calais and then driven to Switzerland, Italy and then the South of France. Just a few memories follow.
Camping at Lugano Switzerland 1950

 Enjoying Lake Lugano. No inhibitions about going topless at that early age!  David, myself and Mum. 1950

Dad's Buick, registration number FLP117; it used to make us so car sick! My Mum, David and myself. Taken at the Susten Pass in the Swiss Alps. 1950

David, Mum and I in Milan, Italy.

David, myself and Mum taken at Cannes in the South of France, September 1950

 Myself, Dad and David in Cannes

Finally back home in the UK, I guess that our St Bernard's were very glad to see us  again!
Dad with Bridget.


  1. I love reading other people's history. These are great photos which provide good memories. You were lucky to do so much travelling in those days. My parents found it hard in London after the war and that is why we migrated to Australia, where they found life tough in the beginning but it turned out well for them in the end. They came to love Australia and called it home.

  2. Diane b I think we were lucky as my Dad had taken over the service Station from his father, having his own business made life much easier for us all.
    We both looked at Australia about 15 years ago, but N could not find a job at the time, we were getting too old and we did not have enough money!!
    I am not sorry now as I really love France. Home is where your heart is. Keep well Diane

  3. I only got to travel once outside of England before I was 17 and that was to France so reading about your history and memories is wonderful. You lead an interesting life right from the get go!

  4. Froggy I think this must be where I got the travel bug from. My parents were always on the go and I guess I got used to it LOL. Diane x

  5. Oh, I love you photos. Nice!:-) Hugs Stina

  6. That's a great (G)Olden memories... Love ur space... Keep rocking !!!

  7. Stina thanks so much for the visit and the comment. The photos are great memories for me. Take care Diane

  8. Sangeetha Nambi, thank you so much for visiting me and for the lovely comment. I appreciate it. They really are golden memories and ones I look back at with much happiness :) Have a good day Diane

  9. The family look so elegant in these photos, particularly the one in Milano.

    It seems we have begun our travelling early in life Diane. My parents moved from one side of Canada to the other, a few thousand miles, when I was only four.

    I have been travelling ever since :)

    Really love these holiday memories so much. X

  10. Dolly, I think dress was quite different then. Nigel's Dad always puts a tie on if we pop out to the local for lunch. He says he feels undressed with out it!

    It seems that we both had the travel bug given to us very young and it has never left :) We have had a quiet year, time to start travelling again!! xx

  11. chubskulit they all have fantastic memories for me, sometimes a little tearful but..... Diane


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